This past week, Fox so-called “News” parted ways with their popular on air reporter Bill O’Reilly. I really hate to enjoy other people’s misfortunes, but I have to confess that when I heard the news it gave me great pleasure.

Now, I frequently make the recommendation that people get their news from various sources so that they don’t live in an information bubble.  Here’s one of those reminders.  It is so easy to watch and hear things that we already agree with.  The only way you grow is to listen to other sources and at least hear what they are saying.  One good source for accessing multiple viewpoints on the news is the website

I do try to listen to Fox every once in awhile…..I don’t really consider their programming credible news in any sense of the word.   So, I would not recommend people getting any real news from them. They are the highest rated cable “news” organization….but I don’t think they should be compared with other real news organizations…..they are really more of an entertainment channel….they provide “performance art” (to borrow the words of Alex Jones’ attorney)….and evidence shows that if you watch Fox, you are really less informed than if you did not watch any news at all.  That’s because Fox viewers believe that they are watching real news when they are not.

Whenever I tried to watch Fox, I could not watch O’Reilly without getting angry.  He was rude, he bullied people he disagreed with, he told obvious lies that he pulled out of…uh…..thin air.  Yet, many people didn’t care. He was the highest rated entertainer on Fox so-called “news”.  I don’t enjoy getting mad, so I tended to avoid this person.

Of course, I was not alone in viewing O’Reilly as a bully.  Check out this google search.

Nor was I alone in seeing him as a liar.  View his truthfulness score by the website “Pundit Fact”.

Of note is the video of the debate from a number of years ago between O’Reilly and Al Franken.  Here is link to one part of it.  Franken outlines a story of documenting an O’Reilly lie and all Bill can do is to dismiss it and attack Franken….classic liar/bully tactics.

If you were a fan of O’Reilly, then I have to ask—-why???  Did you enjoy his bullying or his lies? (If you were a fan, leave me a comment as to why you liked him. Seriously, I just don’t get it.)

People are saying that O’Reilly and Fox really ushered in the so called “post truth” time in which we live.  We hear discussion of “alternate facts” and “fake news”….and many people believe in truth that transcends reality and simply agrees with what they believe.

But I join with others and say that although we can have our own opinions, there is most cases one real objective truth.  That doesn’t negate the fact that our worldviews do drive both “what we see” and “what we believe about what we see”. (Here is one exploration of that topic.)  There are alternate ways of seeing the world that sometimes put us in different realities….but that doesn’t mean that we cannot move beyond them and get at a real objective truth about what is going on in the material universe.

And one of those truths was that O’Reilly was rewarded handsomely for going on TV and making false statements and then bullying others who disagreed with him.  I think that it is progress and movement in the right direction by letting him go for his alleged sexual predator actions….alleged by enough women that you have to believe that there is some truth there that cannot be ignored.

So, I’m sorry but I am happy that he is off Fox. America is better when we have more truth in our media….and more dignity and respect given to all people in all circumstances.

What do you think?

Mark Gilbert

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