My wife and I have a game we play called “to live for”.  This is a variation on the popular saying “it’s to die for.”  We all know those moments that are so rich in their outer sensory and internal pleasure that they are almost overwhelming.  They feel so good we want to savor them and lock them into our memory so that we can recall them at will.

We have all had these intensely pleasurable moments in our lives.  In our game, we sit and take turns recalling with vivid descriptions what that moment was like and then we end our recounting of our memory by saying “that was a moment to live for.”  This game always makes us realize what a joy it is to be alive!

Here is an example:  I was sitting outside at lunch today with my buddies, Craig and Alan.  The restaurant overlooked a golf course and we could see the Colorado mountains rising up not too far away.  The food was delicious, the weather was warm and comfortable and the company was great.  We were sharing from our hearts and our deep feelings but we were also joking and laughing out loud.  This entire experience of nature, good, company and laughter was a joy to experience.  It was truly a moment to live for.

My wife and I have led workshops where we used this game to get people to spend time focusing on those magical moments that were truly special so that they can see what a gift this time is we while we are here on planet Earth.  I like using both ordinary examples (such as playing with my dog) or unique moments (such as sitting in Paris at a sidewalk cafe enjoying a decadent pastry).  The point is that these special moments do not have to be special occasions.  They are around us all the time if we only look.

One aspect of my recent “Human Bill of Rights” was that my virtue of our being human we all have the right “to fully experience all aspects of what it is like to be human freely”.  Subject to our related responsibility not to cause harm to others as we express our rights, we all have the right to fully taste the complete variety of the human experience.

What we are called to experience varies from person to person.  You might like one or more of these activities:  skydiving, golf, skiing, deep sea diving, traveling, parenting, cooking, sleeping, eating a fine meal, sculpting, painting, computer programming, socializing, daydreaming, reading, watching TV, drinking coffee, playing cards, photography, etc.  The list is endless.  Some of these you may want to try once, some you like to make a part of your life.

The point is, we all have the right to let go of limitations and to explore life while we are here.  We all are called in our own way to taste the experiences of life.

Too often we limit ourselves and tell stories as to why we cannot do something.  I’m not rich enough, good enough, talented enough, worthy enough, and on and on…..

What is it that you have always felt the calling to do but have placed limits on your ability to do it?  It is time to step back and see where you have told yourself a false story, to release it and to move on.  It is time to experience fully those gifts that this human experience offer us.  It  is time to fill your life with moments to live for.  It is your right to do this and it is your responsibility to assist others in living their lives fully as well.  Go enjoy life now!



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