Looks like you and I survived the end of the Mayan calendar. Once more, doomsday predictions were just a lot of hype.

It was interesting, I was watching some TV show a day or two ago where the emphasis was on testing our survival skills. The program looked at a lot of efforts made by survivalists to prepare themselves for some catastrophic breakdown of our society. It’s fascinating how much attention people give to predicting the end of the world and preparing for their personal survival.

One of the rules of life I have come to realize is this – what we tend to focus our attention upon is what we tend to grow in our lives. This rule works in all of our personal lives as well as our collective life.

This rule comes into play especially in those New Year’s resolutions which many of us may be making in the next week or so. Think of resolutions you’ve made in years past – some you have kept, most you have not. Why did some stick and others not? Old habits die hard obviously. To really make a change, we need to create a new habit. Creating a new habit requires that we take time to focus upon the new intention. It starts in our minds and flows into our actions. The more energy we give through our minds and actions to our new intention, the higher the likelihood of its success.

So that now that this latest round of apocalyptic predictions are beyond us, can we shift our intentions to something more positive?

Focusing upon the end of the world and survival draws more appearances in our life as to how the world is ending and our need to be prepared for our personal survival. Can we shift our focus?

How about a world where our attention is focused upon how the world will continue to grow and evolve into a place that is full of love, peace, abundance and prosperity for all? How about a world where our intention is to thrive in our personal lives in whatever way that means for us – and where we see each and every other person thriving in the way that is best for them?

We must see that our success and prosperity does not impinge upon the success and prosperity of others. In fact, our success and prosperity should be directly linked to creating the success and prosperity of everyone else.

Now that were beyond the so-called Apocalypse, let’s each make the shift in our individual lives. Peace now! Prosperity now! Love now!

Happy holidays and love to you!


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