How about taking a few minutes and thinking about what your highest vision for the planet is? Then, share your vision! The United Nations recently created a website where they are asking for everyone’s input on the priorities for our world beyond 2015. It takes just a few minutes to login and give your input.  See below for details.

Recently I asked you if you had a vision for your life (link to article) and stated my belief that by each of us identifying our vision and then acting to create it, we were each working in our own sphere of influence to create a world that works for everyone – to create that highest collective vision for the planet.

In my recent book, Be Yourself Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment, I pointed out that humanity is at a critical choice point in its evolution. I offered three suggestions for moving us to our highest future: (1) each of us focusing on how we are alike to each other rather than on our differences; (2) each of us focusing on a common positive vision for the future; and (3) each of us finding our life calling and living it fully.

In the book, I point to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals as an example of a vision for a positive future. Those goals work towards all people in the world having their basic needs met so that each of us can be free to focus on our higher needs. Those goals run through the year 2015 and we have been making progress!

Recently the United Nations created a “high level panel of eminent persons” to develop a post 2015 development agenda. Their report recently came out – here is a link to it.

In the executive summary they state, “Our vision and our responsibility are to end extreme poverty in all its forms in the context of sustainable development and to have in place the building blocks of sustained prosperity for all.” That certainly sounds like what I see as part of my vision –  “There is a shift in people’s awareness and actions that leads to the creation of a world that works for everyone.”

I encourage you to take a few minutes and read the executive summary. It is very inspiring and its actions definitely connect with my characteristics of a world that works for everyone from my “vision & teachings” page. There are currently rollout events occurring within the United Nations regarding this report.

One of the things the United Nations is doing is asking for world input on our post 2015 agenda. What is important for us to collectively focus upon? I logged in and lent my voice to the discussion. It’s fairly simple – sign in and click on what you say are your six highest priorities for the planet. Pick from their list or create your own. If you have the time, look at some of the data already collected.  It’s fascinating!

Here is the link:

Finally, please share this request with your friends and family. Let’s all consider individually what we think is important for creating “our world” and then let our voices be heard!

Let’s go “viral” towards a positive world!


Mark Gilbert


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