I always like to notice acts of kindness. The more I notice them, the more there tends to be such acts within my sphere of observation.  That snowball effect leads to more enjoyable life!

I recently came across a story that’s been circulating on the Internet about a major act of kindness that occurred back on 9/11. I was surprised I had not heard of it before as I have written and spoken publicly about the acts of kindness I received that week. The tragic events of 9/11 spawned numerous stories about how humans opened their hearts to other humans.

This particular story related to one of the many airplanes on the way to the United States that were forced to make immediate emergency landings wherever they could. This particular Delta Airlines flight 15 was one of over 50 planes which landed in Gander, Newfoundland in Canada. This detailed account of the passengers and crew and the hospitality they received over the next few days and the effect it had upon them is quite moving.

Link to full story.

This story was so good that some part of me said “it’s too good to be true”. I mentioned it to a few people who like me had never heard of it. However, a little bit of Internet research verified its authenticity. Even the story’s date on the link above was back in 2001. Here’s the link to see an analysis for yourself – Snopes website article. What I like about this review is the other stories of Canadian kindness beyond the ones in Gander.

My own 9/11 story formed the basis of a two-part article back in 2010. Here are the links to read that story, if you are interested:

Part One

Part Two

So here’s my encouragement for you on this beautiful day – where are acts of kindness occurring around you? I’d love to hear what you notice.

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