Have you noticed all of the references to having “2020” vision for this new year? Since we say that having “2020 vision” is perfect seeing, it’s only natural that this yearly number is going to seek that as a reference point. Here I go along with the crowd (sorry)!

As we move into this new year, isn’t it time that we clarified our vision for the world? Isn’t it time that we crafted a viewpoint that expanded beyond our smallness as a people and a planet…..and looked to creating the world that truly works for all of us?

Of course it’s that time….in fact we are probably overdue to see things that way.

But what is a global vision that can drive most of us towards it?

Is it one where some people win and others lose? One where there is a continued power struggle for control of resources and people? One where we continue to expand war and violence and income inequality and mistreatment of the Earth we live on?

No doubt that some people are motivated by such a vision so long as they are the ones who “win” while others lose. But for most of us, this is not the vision we want….

Instead, a true 2020 global vision for a world that works for all includes some of the following components:

Everyone has access to clean air and water and healthy food. Hunger is eliminated.

Everyone has access to basic safety and security. This includes adequate shelter, basic income levels, health care, freedom from violence and tirants.

Access to human groups where they feel wanted and valued. They are free to love and be loved by whomever they choose.

Access to basic education. We experience total literacy. The tools and knowledge of the internet are available to all.

Access to jobs and careers that offer fulfillment and success. Everyone can use and give their unique and special talents to the world.

Freedom to believe what they wish to believe about the world and its greater meaning.

In short…..a world where everyone has their basic needs met and they are free to thrive….where we can all be who we are called to be while doing no harm to another.

I am sure there are other things that can be part of a 2020 Global Vision. What would you change or add? Leave a comment if you have feedback.

Mark Gilbert