In this second in a series of short articles, we offer you a number of brief ideas on how you and I can contribute to a world of Oneness and Unity.  Go here to see the first article!

As we mentioned previously, if we want to change the world, it’s not about changing others, it’s about changing ourselves. The following tips are made with those ideas in mind.

Tip: Smile at other people!

Are you a smiler when you see people?  Or, do you instinctively look away?  Practice smiling right now.  Get a big smile on your face.  Then next time you make eye contact with someone, practice that smile again!

Tip:  Practice quiet non-responsiveness.

People are going to say things that you disagree with.  That’s OK.  However, you don’t have to see it as a personal affront.  Unless you absolutely have to say something in response, it generally is better to let others have their say and then say nothing.  You don’t have to agree or disagree.  You lose nothing by maintaining a sense of peaceful quietness.  

Tip: Say inwardly….”If I had lived their life, I would probably think like they do.”

Building on the last tip, when someone says something with which you disagree, use this statement to gently move yourself as best as you can into taking their perspective.  Know that if you had been born into their circumstances and lived their life experiences, you would probably believe the same thing.  You don’t have to agree, but you can open yourself to compassion for the other person.

Tip: Don’t take things personally.

Most people’s beliefs and opinions have nothing to do with you.  If you don’t share their beliefs, that’s fine.  However, you don’t have to see their holding their position on something as having anything with you or your beliefs.  You can believe one thing and they can believe another and you can still see their humanity and their value.

Tip:  Visualize a world of peace and harmony.

So much of what goes on “out there” in the material world tends to reinforce a belief that the world is going down the tubes, that we will never be able to bring people together to treat each other with love, dignity and respect.  You don’t have to keep your focus on that “stuff”.  Instead, take time each day to counteract the appearance of negativity by replacing it with a vision of a world that supports the rights and creative expression of everyone everywhere.

Tip: See the good in the world.

Set an intention that you are going to notice any goodness in the world when it shows up.  Then when it does, acknowledge it to yourself and, if appropriate, to others.  See someone being kind to another?  Notice it.  See a good news story?  Notice it.  See something working out well for you or others?  Notice it.  Goodness is all around you every day!

Tip: Practice random acts of kindness.

Take action to create that good in the world that others can notice!  Buy someone’s coffee.  Let someone cut in front of you in traffic.  Help someone looking for something.  Want more ideas for how you can practice this?  Check out this website:

Tip:  Take time to read other positions on topical issues.

You get all your news from one or two sources.  Are your sources all from one end of the political spectrum?  Get out of your box and read the other side’s take on things.  You don’t have to agree but at least you will see that there are people who beleive things differently from you.  Here’s a good resource for reading up on different sides of most issues: 


Any of these suggestions resonate with you?  What suggestions would you add?  Leave me a comment!


Mark Gilbert