In this first in a series of short articles, we offer you a number of brief ideas on how you and I can contribute to a world of Oneness and Unity.

Changing the world is not about changing others, it’s about making changes in the only place we can truly control things —in our own thoughts, words and actions.  It is there within our personal sphere of influence that we can be a beneficial presence as awell as a model for others to consider emulating.

The following tips are made with those ideas in mind.

Tip: As you pass others, make eye contact and acknowledge them.

Too many times we look away and avoid eye contact.  Consciously make yourselfs see the other people around you.  If you make eye contact, acknowledge them.  Say “hello”, “good morning” or whatever is comfortable.  Smile, nod your head or wave.  Make this a habit!

Tip: Send love and blessings to others.

If you are in a crowd (such as an event, a restaurant, shopping, etc.), notice all of the people and take a moment to silently bless everyone, send them thoughts of love, feel yourself connected to them on some level.

Tip: Avoid discussing divisive subjects.

If you know that you and and another person are not going to agree on some topic (such as politics, religion, etc.), then avoid discussing them.  If the other person brings up something that you disagree with, if you can, simply use some statement like “well, you and I might not agree on that but I know that we both want the best for the world” or something similar. If needed, certainly voice your opinion if necessary but first check your intentions as to why you need to make a point of disagreeing.  Do you really need to or can you just “let it go”?

Tip: Look for topics to discuss with others where you know you will find common ground.

Connected to the previous tip, it’s a great skill to pivot conversations away from highly charged divisive topics and towards areas of commonalities.  Look for something to shift the conversation towards.  Here are a few suggestions:  sports, TV shows, the weather, children, foods you like, restaurants you enjoy, family, healthy habits.

Tip: Acknowledge the goodness in the variety of ways we show up in life.

When events or people are frustrating you because they are not in alignment with what you want, acknowledge that we are all unique expressions of the One and the diversity of ways in which we show up is only reflective of how Spirit or the One is experiencing Life.

Tip: Take the other’s perspective.

When you disagree with someone’s statements or actions, try to imagine living in their shoes all their lives and coming to the same conclusion they did.  Recognize that if you had lived their life, you might believe as they do.  Allow yourself to feel compassion for them.

Tip:  Take time to set intention to see Oneness and Unity.

What we focus upon is what we tend to create in our lives.  Each morning, saying a short affirmation such as “Today, I see the Divine in every person I meet” can help direct your thoughts towards that end.


I hope these ideas are helpful.  As we continue this series in the days to come, we will be offering some more tips on how we can bring unity to this world that seems so divided. 

What tips would you suggest?