“Oh, friends, to mortals this Universe of Mentality is very real indeed — it is the only one we can ever know, though we rise from plane to plane, higher and higher in it. To know it otherwise, by actual experience, we must be THE ALL itself. It is true that the higher we rise in the scale — the nearer to “the mind of the Father” we reach — the more apparent becomes the illusory nature of finite things, but not until THE ALL finally withdraws us into itself does the vision actually vanish.” ~ William Walker Atkinson (writing in The Kybalion)


So, we have seen that we have needs that are driven by our humanness and needs that come from our spiritual nature.  And, we have considered that we live simultaneously in two realms — the physical and the spiritual. Here, I want to break down any barriers you may be holding in your thoughts between these aspects of life. 

As you remove those artificial dividers between the human and the spiritual worlds, I want you to create a different mental map — one that sees that the entire universe as one unity that is experienced in different ways, and that those ways of experiencing life and truth change as we move up and down a “continuum”.  In other words, as we move from the physical world to the spiritual world, we do not cross a distinct threshold where we change from one existence to the other, but rather move up in small degrees where the human side is slowly released, and the spiritual is slowly embraced.

There are a few mental images that we can use here.  For instance, it is like moving along a magnet from one pole to the other.  Or, we could see as if we were turning a radio dial from one frequency to another.  It is also like taking very thin slices of a coin as we go from the “tails side” to the “heads side”.

What we are talking about is moving along a unified polarity from one end to the other.  It is all “one” but as we move along the continuum, our experience shifts.

I must insert a word here about the limits of our language.  To describe the movement along the continuum from one side to the other, I will use the word “lower” in reference to the material world and “higher” in reference to the spiritual world.  This is simply to communicate an idea of the reference points of the unified polarity.  Ultimately, of course, there is no “lower” or “higher”, there is simply one direction or the other.  However, most folks generally see the spiritual realm as being “higher” than the physical, so we will follow that well established pattern. In addition, we must also keep in mind that I am trying to paint a mental image for your “map” but we must always remember that our maps only add to our comprehension and aren’t the “true” reality.

So, as we consider this map of a material to spiritual unified polarity, we might consider how this tracks with other descriptions of Life. Here’s a few examples.  You might be able to think of others.

Later in upcoming writings we will consider the idea of a “vibratory universe”, that is the image that everything everywhere is in a state of vibration.  For now, let us simply consider this as a possibility.  Hence, we might think that the lowest physical aspects of material life (such as rocks and minerals?) are vibrating at the slowest rate. As we move up the physical realm to plants and animals and eventually humans, we find them vibrating at faster and faster levels.  As we move from the physical world to the non-physical, vibrations get faster. Even our thoughts vibrate at various levels and as we move from destructive thoughts to constructive thoughts (such as from hate to love), those higher thoughts vibrate at faster levels.  As we move even higher in the realm of the non-material, we move to the fastest vibratory rates as we approach Spirit, The All, God.  Stop and consider that this vibratory scale is a type of continuum of Life.

Many spiritual people for eons have spoken about chakras or energy centers that exist in and around our human forms.  These chakras move along a continuum from “base” levels to more advanced spiritual levels. So here we see another continuum of Life.

There are many who have taught of our having multiple bodies in which we co-exist.  These go from our physical bodies to emotional bodies to mental bodies to spiritual bodies. So here we see still another continuum of Life.

Many spiritual traditions offer a teaching that has been charted into something termed “the great chain of being”.  At its lowest levels are the realms of the physical life, at its highest levels are God. The “tree of life” taught in the mystical teachings of Judaism, the Kaballah, is a prime example of this great chain. Again, one more continuum model of Life.

What I am hoping you are starting to imagine is that are living in a sliding scale continuum where your focus and attention moves up and down depending upon the moment and how “in tune with the Infinite” you are.

At the lowest levels is the realm of the relative where things exist in “relation to” each other.  At the highest levels we touch the aspect of the Absolute where everything is experienced as a state of Oneness.  At the lowest level is our humanness, at the highest is our spiritual Truth.  But there are infinite way stations and levels that exist all along the path from one end to the other.


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