In my talk for Centers for Spiritual Living Denver on July 11, 2021, I discuss reasons for why we might want to feel into the power of love more in our lives. We all know the importance of giving love and receiving love. We all want to have more love in our lives and feel blessed when we are experiencing love.

NOTE: Here is a link to the video of the talk…..and here is a link to the text of the talk.

In my talk, I point out how love is truly our natural state of being as a spiritual being having a human experience. I also remind us that love is more than an emotion that we feel and make us all warm and fuzzy….love is also an evolutionary force that is pulling us along our path towards what I know to be our natural goal—a return to Oneness, to our source. Love pulls us from feeling separate and apart from one another and reminds us that we are bound in love to everyone and everything. In doing that, love moves us along our evolutionary path to transcend this material dimension.

As my talk mentions….we are all pulled by a vision to create the highest version of ourselves that we can…..and love assists us by pulling us forward. So how can we bring more love into our lives? How can we feel more love? Here are a number of ideas for you to consider:

Set an intention

Have you consciously set intentions for your life? If not, take some time to write down some goals for yourself. It has great power. To that end, consider setting the intention to be more loving….to “be love.”

Affirm Love

Each day, use affirmations to direct your thinking. Affirmations are short positive statements that see something as already in your life. For more on creating affirmations, check out this video. Here is a suggested one: “I know that love is growing in my life this day and that I am a loving presence to all those around me.”

Choose to See Love

We all have a variety of experiences in our lives….and we choose how we “see” or label those experiences. When something happens that pushes our buttons or challenges us, we are “at choice” in how to describe the experience. Although it’s easy to judge other people and challenging situations with negative language, make the conscious choice to reframe your life events to see them through the eyes of love. Ask yourself, “what would love do?”…..or “what is the loving response in this moment?”….or “what is loving about this moment and this experience?”…or other similar questions. Try to look through the moment and the emotions you are feeling and to feel gratitude for the experience and see the gift it is giving you.

Use Affirmative Prayer

Take your affirmations (see above) to a whole new level. Develop the skill of affirmative prayer where you state your truth from a conscious state of oneness to claim that your live is love and that you are being love in all situations. Here’s a video on how to do affirmative prayer.

Be in Service

One of the greatest ways to feel love is to give love. One of the best ways to give love is to be in service to someone or some cause. What are you called to do in service to the greater good? Find a way that such calling can be fulfilled. Look around your community for opportunities to serve…and then volunteer. Step out of your comfort zone and give to others, it will open your heart.

Turn Your Attention to Those You Love

One of the easiest ways for me to open my heart to love is to imagine the people or animals or aspects of life that I know I feel love for. To think of my wife, Mary…..or my dog, Penny…..or our previous dog, Harmony…..and to really think about how important they are to is a sure fired way to feel love. Thinking on my grown children or my grandchildren has the same effect. Who is it for you? The children’s television host Mr. Rogers when receiving a Lifetime Achievement Emmy came to the microphone and stated, “All of us have special ones who have loved us into being. Would you just take, along with me, ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you areā€¦.Ten seconds of silence.” Take time each day to think about those people or things that have loved us and called us to love.

Really Listen to Someone

It’s easy for our conversation to focus on “what we are going to say”. We often want the other person to stop talking so we can have our turn. Take time when you are in conversation with someone to stop and not be concerned with what you are going to say or how you will be perceived, and instead, focus on what the other person is saying. “Seek first to understand.” It’s often said the greatest gift we can give someone is the gift of truly listening to them. Give that gift today freely without concern that anyone hears you and your thoughts. It will open your heart.

Imagine Love Energy Flowing

In your mind’s eye, when you are with other people, imagine a flowing energy of light that is moving from you to the others….and then back again. See a divine circulation of love that connects you to them.

Send Love to the TV

Some person or event on TV challenging you? Is the news depressing you? Recognize that feeling coming up in you and stop and consciously feel the energy of love in you and imagine it flowing from you outward to the person or events that you are witnessing.

Spend Time with a Dog

Or any animal or pet that brings out love and joy from you. For me, it’s dogs. All I have to do is pet or play with a dog and the next thing you know, I am feeling love. Pet a dog today.

Open Yourself to Loving Actions from Others

People do kind and loving things all the time around us and we rarely stop to consciously receiving it. See the good. Notice it. If appropriate, outwardly acknowledge it. But above all, open your body energetically and see and feel yourself receiving the love coming from the other person.

Be a Beneficial Presence

Using many of the suggestions above, see yourself as a beneficial presence that is both outwardly and inwardly changing the world for the better. Your outward words and actions bring love to the moment. Your inward thoughts are on the love in the world. Your interaction with others, no matter the circumstances are driven by the intention and desire to make the world a better place. Without any sense of personal ego driving you, simply see yourself as quietly and gently making each moment for you and those in your sphere of influence better. Affirm that each day you are a beneficial presence bringing love an harmony to all.

So there are some ideas……what would you add to the list? How do you bring love to the moment and the world. Drop me a line or a comment.


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