Today we begin a three-part look at the United Nations with our spiritual evolutionary lens on.  First, we consider how the United Nations can be a tool for our spiritual evolution.  Next, we examine some reasons why many Americans are at best ambivalent towards and at worst strongly opposed to the United Nations.  We will conclude with some thoughts regarding how we might transcend current limitations of the usefulness of the UN.

Spiritual Evolution?

Although I have written about it frequently, let’s briefly recap what I mean by spiritual evolution.  Life, consciousness or God has always existed as a oneness… everything is connected and everything is embedded with this divine essence or consciousness.  From what science calls the Big Bang, this essence was defused out into the universe… through this process, consciousness identified more with its local incarnation, hence feeling separate and apart from everything else, than it identified with its awareness of unity.  Yet, all matter and consciousness were subject to physical and spiritual laws.  Through the process of physical evolution, stars and planets were formed, conditions were created for life to emerge, and from its early stages, life has grown in complexity and in depth of consciousness.  Eventually humanity crossed the threshold of self-awareness were not only it “knows that it knows” but also understands and can cooperate with the evolutionary process.  Humanity continues to evolve in consciousness with its ultimate goal being to return to awareness of its unity from which it sprang. This process of return to our awareness of our Oneness is our spiritual evolution.

What Are Our Next Steps in Our Spiritual Evolution?

Recently I explored what a positive vision for humanity’s future might look like (see What Is Our Vision for the Future of Humanity?).  Drawing from a number of sources, I outlined the key points of our positive future.  This is where I believe we are ultimately headed:

  • We live in peace.
  • We all have access to economic and social advancement.
  • We experience a melding of science and spirituality.
  • We have the freedom to individually express our unique creative abilities.
  • We live recognizing the interconnectedness of everything.
  • We purposefully use the power of our consciousness.
  • We meet our individual needs while meeting the needs of the greater whole.
  • We recognize we are evolving and consciously cooperate with the process.
  • We recognize we are on a spiritual path to be reunited with our source.

If this is where we are going ultimately, then there are some intermediate steps that will serve us on this journey.  What are some of those next steps?  Here are just a few that come immediately to mind:

  • We value our differences (cultural, historical, religious and spiritual, racial, etc.) while holding foremost in our minds our common nature.
  • We value the importance of coordinating human concerns at the global level while still retaining governance at the local level.
  • We value the importance of ensuring that humanity’s basic needs (food, water, safety and security) are met everywhere on the planet.
  • We value the necessity of humanity holding a common vision of its positive future.

What Good Is the United Nations?

As you read my description of our spiritual evolution, its ultimate outcome and humanity’s next steps, you may not agree with me on everything I describe.  Yet, even if you do not buy into the concept that we are “spiritually evolving”, hopefully there is some resonance within you for the positive vision of our future that I detailed.  Hopefully, at a minimum, you agree with the desire that we live in peace, all have access to economic and social advancement as well as the freedom to express their unique creative abilities.  Even accepting that small subset of my vision, I hope you can ascertain how the next steps I described would move us in that direction.

The question then becomes how do we harness the power and passion of humanity’s various opinions and beliefs to gain traction working on these steps?  Who or what will bring us together as a people to get us on the same page?  Religious leaders?  Scientists?  Strong governments such as the United States?  Each of these play a role in our next evolutionary step of bringing us together.  However, only the United Nations has the unique overarching role to bind all these brokers towards this goal.

Has the United Nations done good since its inception?  Undoubtedly, the answer is yes.  Has the United Nations lived up to its potential?  For most of us, the answer unfortunately is no.  Can the United Nations be reinvigorated so as to serve as an agent for positive change?  I believe that it can.  That’s where we are going in our next two parts.

Next: overcoming America’s love-hate relationship with the UN.

Mark Gilbert


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