Sometimes there are things that served us but no longer do. They are simply outdated and possibly bad habits. Our constant shuffle back and forth 2 times a year to go on and off of “daylight savings time” is one of those things.

Today we all “fall back” here in the US. Next March we will “spring forward” again. It is asinine. It is outdated. It does no one anything positive that I can see, other than cause us to make sure we have the manual for our car so we can once again remind ourselves how to change the time on the clock.

I wrote a longer blog on this 4 1/2 years ago. Lately I am seeing more people start to complain in the media. That’s a good thing. We are making minute progress (pun intended).

Here is something to consider. Take a sheet of paper and write down the “pros and cons” of our twice annual time adjustment. I guarantee you the “cons” side will win hands down. I doubt most of us can really think of a pro.

So what can we do. Raise consciousness by letting others know you want to end this madness. Check out my blog from 2017 here ( with some links to an organization that is trying to end it. See there also links to write your congressperson.

Sometimes we can end a bad habit. Let’s do it.