When thinking of waving a white flag, what meaning comes up for you? Yes, it means surrender, but what does “surrender” mean? For many of us the image of waving a white flag means that some other external something has beaten us down into submission. It’s easy to visualize a battlefield where one side has lost and they wave the white flag to acknowledge they are giving up. Hence, waving a white flag for most of us has a negative connotation. We tried something, and we failed.

Let’s replace that old vision with a new one. Let’s visualize a scene that you’ve probably seen in a movie at some time in your life. Two groups are warring, and in the middle of the pain and struggle, one side seeks to stop the fighting and to open the flow of dialogue. A white flag is raised as if to say “hold on a moment, let’s talk”. The instigator, in a moment of great vulnerability, reaches out to the other side. Can you see it?

I like this scene a whole lot better. In this case, the white flag doesn’t mean “I’m giving up, you win, I lose.” Here it means, “let’s let go of the struggle for a moment and contemplate a better path.”

We all have our battles in life. We all have those things we struggle against. Where are you struggling? Do you feel like your work is a battle? Are there issues in your relationships… be it your spouse, a friend or relative, a coworker… where it seems that things are about winning and losing? Are you warring with your mind as you sit on your meditation cushion? Do you “battle” your weight with diets and exercise? Are you pushing back against your intuition or a sense of an inner calling to do more with your life? Where is your energy being spent “against something”?

Yesterday morning in my meditation, these strange ideas started floating into my awareness. Each morning I set an intention for topics, ideas and wisdom to flow through me for that day’s writing. Sometimes what I’m called to write comes to me during the meditation. Yet yesterday I found myself trying to push away thoughts around the Wizard of Oz and shadow governments. The more I judged them crazy and tried to stop them, the more energy they seemed to have. Finally, I surrendered, I waved my white flag to the thoughts. I let go of the struggle, and as I released into the sense that Spirit always guides and protects me, the article “Surrender Dorothy to the Powers That Be” came through. As I surrendered, what came was a message about surrender. How fitting.

It’s time for all of us to wave the white flag. It’s time to let go of our struggles for a moment and contemplate a better path. As it’s often stated, what you resist persists. That which you fight continues to expand in your life. To paraphrase Ernest Holmes, countries that prepare for war most certainly go to war. If you are preparing for war in any aspect of your life, it’s time to mentally raise the white flag, to step out from behind any mental barriers you created to protect yourself and to be vulnerable with Life. Spirit or Life will protect you and guide you if only you let go and trust.



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