Wow! Can you believe it’s been three years since the launch of this website?

Yes, it’s been three years that we’ve been writing about crossing that metaphorical bridge in our consciousness – releasing that sense of fear about life where we see ourselves as separate and apart from everyone else and living in survival mode… and moving into an awareness that everything and everyone are connected, that we’re here to support and love one another and to help each other to thrive.  Hence, our tagline “Evolving to Oneness”.

Let’s celebrate by taking a look back over the preceding three years.

Conscious Bridge was launched on January 7, 2010.  Since that time, we have periodically updated the website’s appearance, the most recent update in December 2012.

Here are some interesting statistics from January 2010 to January 2013:

  • We have published a total of 233 articles counting this one today.
  • There have been close to 11,000 unique visitors to the website.
  • Visitors have come from 133 countries.
  • In order, the top 10 countries for visitors to the website are as follows: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Netherlands, South Africa and Germany.
  • Through the various mechanisms that individuals can subscribe to Conscious Bridge (Feedburner, Facebook’s Networked Blogs and others), we average between 200 to 250 people (and growing) receiving notifications of new articles.

Over the past three years, some articles that stood out as being more popular and continue to draw Internet readers every week. Here are the titles of the top 10 articles (ranked by the number of readers) and the links for reading them:

  1. Let’s All Wave the White Flag
  2. Feeling Superior? Feeling Inferior? It’s All the Same!
  3. The Umpteenth Secret of “The Secret”: Align Your Rider and Elephant
  4. Transcending the Third Dimension – Part OnePart TwoPart Three
  5. The Evolution of Consciousness, God and Prayer ***
  6. The Tide Is Turning, the World Is Turning
  7. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  8. Consciousness Vs Awareness
  9. You Can Never Go Back but You Can Regress
  10. The Sin of Hubris

***This article also contains the most “spirited” comment dialogue that is worth reading.

It is interesting to note that all of the “top” articles are from the year 2010.  What this shows is that the longer something is available to the world, the more likely people will find it and read it!  There are some more recent articles that are in the top 50 and continue to grow.

Although it did not make it anywhere near the top 10, I have to give a special mention to one of my favorite and oddest articlesSurrender Dorothy to the Powers That Be – I encourage you to check it out!

But the past is just prologue to the future – and after all this website really is about evolution and here are some ways in which we are evolving:

  • In late 2012 we added our new Conscious Bridge Publishing to the website and put out our first book – Be Yourself – Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.
  • In 2012 we added a podcast feature to the website and posted our first audio content.
  • We created a resource area to post support materials. A free downloadable 13 page study guide for groups to use with the book be yourself was recently made available (Here’s a link to it). A free teachers guide for using the book in workshops will be uploaded soon.
  • Our schedule of speaking events is being expanded for 2013, including a number of presentations designed around the book Be Yourself. Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a presentation or workshop!
  • More books, audio and video are in the planning stages.

Yes, it’s been a great three years – but the best is yet to come!

Help us celebrate!  Help us grow and reach even more readers! Here is what you can do:

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  • Subscribe to the feed on Feedburner or other RSS reader.
  • Read one of the above articles that sounds interesting and share it with others via Twitter, Facebook, your email list, etc.
  • Tell others about our web site….and encourage them to check us out!
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It’s going to be a great 2013 and beyond!

Peace and blessings,



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