I must confess, I have always been interested in things that are beyond the norm….UFOs, automatic writing, ESP and things of a similar ilk. Why? Maybe there is a part of me that sees the chinks in the armor of the scientific-materialism story….those little things that tend to point towards some greater truths than are explained by mainstream science.

Now, don’t get me wrong….rational thought and the scientific method have benefited humanity greatly and were a great leap forward in our understanding of the world. What I am saying is that there has become some package of ideas that have become the accepted scientific dogma of “how things are” that has many of its proponents taking steps to ridicule and force back into line anyone who offers evidence of things that don’t fit.

It’s that fundamentalist scientific materialistic perspective that I think is limiting our knowledge and evolution of humanity’s understanding of existence.

That said, I have to recommend a movie that is streaming on Amazon Prime right now. It’s a documentary entitled Third Eye Spies and it provides a history of the US military and intelligence departments exploration into one of those fringe areas—remote viewing.

Here is a link to the movie on Amazon

Check out the link on that page to preview the movie…..

Now, I have long been familiar with the concept of remote viewing and the work of many of the folks mentioned in the film…but I have never learned to do it nor exhibited the ability. However, as this movie makes extremely clear, the potential to do so is there. There is ample scientific evidence to support its reality.

But if remote viewing is real, then what does that do to our paradigm of the world and consciousness? How must we shift our understanding of how consciousness works if it can access information across time and space that is otherwise not available to us?

In any case, I highly recommend the movie. Watch it with an open mind.

Let me know what you think.

Mark Gilbert

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