Many evolutionary thinkers suggest that humanity can only reach its next level of positive growth by embracing cooperation with one another.  Others scoff at us ever turning away from our competitive nature which they feel is hard wired into us by our “survival of the fittest” past.

Today I want to recommend to you one evolutionary writer and social activist who acknowledges both human characteristics.  That person is John Bunzl who is the c0-author (along with Nick Duffell) of the book The SIMPOL Solution: A New Way to Think about Solving the World’s Biggest Problems.

This “Simpol” solution that Bunzl and his book offers is a political path that acknowledges our need for both competition and cooperation simultaneously.  They seek to get countries to come together and forge political agreements that are in the best interest of the world….but at the same time recognizing that the political power and decision making is in the hands of the individual countries.  The “simple” idea is that countries would implement these policies locally “simultaneously” and that we, the voters, would elect politicians who would agree to sign on to the Simpol concept.  This method would hopefully eliminate countries agreeing in concept to globally beneficial policies while locally implementing policies that give them a competitive advantage.

Can it work? In theory…but even more important in my opinion is the conversation that the Simpol process opens us up to….that we now recognize that we have to find a way to feed our sense of agency as a country and its competitive nature while also acting in the best interest of the globe in a cooperative way.

I encourage you to explore the idea….here are links to a few ways:

John and Nick recently were interviewed by David Sloan Wilson in the online journal Evonomics.

Back in 2016, I interviewed John on an Conscious Bridge internet radio show for the Coffee Party USA.

Here is the Simpol website.

Finally, John and Nick’s book The SIMPOL Solution is now available in the US from Amazon.

Check them out….and share the word with others….we can and must be the voice for positive change in our political systems!

Mark Gilbert


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