Most of us love music. I know I do! I have mentioned before that I am a big Bob Dylan fan! I have all his CDs and have seen him in concert somewhere between 20 to 30 times. I love sharing Dylan’s music with other. I love others sharing their music with me…..sometimes I like it, sometimes not — but it’s how I stay somewhat in touch with new music and discover new artists that speak to me.

Turns out there is some scientific evidence that sharing music brings us together with other people. A recent article from Greater Good summarizes some of these findings as follows:

1. Music increases contact, coordination, and cooperation with others

“…when we try to synch with others musically—keeping the beat or harmonizing, for example—we tend to feel positive social feelings towards those with whom we’re synchronizing…”

2. Music gives us an oxytocin boost

“In a study with humans, singing for 30 minutes was shown to significantly raise oxytocin levels in both amateur and professional singers, regardless of how happy or unhappy the experience made them.”

3. Music strengthens our ”theory of mind” and empathy

“Music has been shown to activate many areas of the brain, including the circuit that helps us to understand what others are thinking and feeling, and to predict how they might behave—a social skill scientists call “theory of mind,” which is linked to empathy.”

4. Music increases cultural cohesion

“When we discover that someone likes a piece of music that we like, we tend to think better of them—as if musical preference had a deeper meaning than just entertainment. ”

For more details, here’s a link to the full article with links to the background scientific studies.

In the meantime…..Bob Dylan has a new CD singing Frank Sinatra songs…sounds like something to share…..

Mark Gilbert


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Photo credit: Mario Inoportuno / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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