My Conscious Bridge website launched in January 2010. Through the past 9 1/2 years, I have shifted the look, style and focus of the blog site. It is evolving again.

This past December, I re-launched my YouTube Channel and a new website tied to the videos ( Be sure to check them out if you have not yet!

Since that time, I have limited somewhat my postings here on the “bridge”. However, my intuition has been giving me a nudge to reinvigorate the website in a very simple way.

In the past, my articles have been longer….covering one topic in some form of completeness. The editing and obtaining of appropriate pictures to accompany the article takes a bit of time. My intuition tells me that I can shorten that time by shortening the blogs and eliminating (most times) the picture.

So that’s what I’m going to try.

Very soon, you will see shorter and more frequent posts with less graphics. I will be able to quickly share with you my thoughts on some topic and move on. I hope you like the new style. Be sure to let me know.

Coupled with this will be a revamping of the website look and feel in the upcoming days.


Mark Gilbert

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