Well, these are certainly interesting times! Life has certainly been upended by the Covid-19 virus….social events canceled, travel bans, restaurants closed, working from home…..and our hot new phrase and goal of “social distancing”. My wife and I are in the midst of at least a 14 day “self quarantine” although we are both doing fine with no virus symptoms.

Mary and I can easily be hermits, enjoying our time at home….reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, watching videos and TV, playing games, surfing the net…..and, oh yeah, interacting with one another. 🙂

However, this time of social isolation is also one where we can tap some resources that can deepen our spiritual wisdom and further our growth on our spiritual evolutionary path. This was a topic that I covered in a recent YouTube Video.

I am working on a new video that should come out around the time of this blog. It’s entitled “Spiritual Practices While Social Distancing”. One of the practices that I mention in the video is tapping into inspirational readings and videos. If you start looking for them, you will find them all around you. All of a sudden as I am working on that video, a number of them have popped up.

What I would like to do is to share them with you. Links and brief descriptions are below. During this time of physical distancing, I would encourage you to take some time to check these out. I will add to the list as more come my way. If you have suggestions, please send me a note or share them in the comment field.


Our Spiritual Evolution YouTube Channel — Yep, self serving reference to my own videos. They are short (most of them) and to the point on a number of spiritual evolutionary topics. Appreciate your feedback on them….and be sure to subscribe as I am posting new ones frequently! Check them out!

Spirit Speak Online Magazine March 2020 — Put together by my colleague Geoffrey Smith and others, this recent issue is on the topic of “surrendering”. Yeah, they include an article from me….a blog from this website from a few years ago….but it’s a good one even if I say so myself. Lots of good content here!

Free Online Support Gathering on March 24 — Another colleague, Laura Topper, is offering a free online meeting to provide a venue for creating self love and self care during this time. Even though this one is time specific, she offers frequent online programs that are worthwhile.

“Resilience in Challenging Times” Program from SoundsTrue — I have long enjoyed and benefited from the programs put out by Tami Simon and the folks at SoundsTrue. I have tons of their audio programs….many I may be reviewing during this personal hiatus from the world….however, they are offering a free program to everyone with daily videos and messages for these times from some of their most popular authors…. Michael Singer, Caroline Myss, and others….click the link to sign up. I did.

“Spiritual Mind” YouTube Channel — This is not new content but instead timeless wisdom. The folks who created this channel have taken public domain audio recordings of some of the elders of New Thought and positive thinking and combined them with beautiful music and visuals to create a spiritual treat. Messages by Ernest Holmes, Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Carl Jung, Eric Butterworth….and many others. I love putting one of these on and be reminded of truth.

Science of Mind Magazine Website — Yep, I work for the organization that publishes this….but the magazine is top notch and the website has a lot of free resources. An online subscription gets you access to many back issues as well. Check out the recent sharing of 10 free downloadable mandalas for printing and coloring…one is pictured above…..and then unleash that inner child.

OK….there’s a few to get you started…..what would you like to share that you have found useful? Leave a comment below.

Mark Gilbert

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