Author: Mark Gilbert

Reinventing Myself (again)

It’s early January.  Time for resolutions and changes.  Of course, I’ve mentioned many times before that one can make changes (resolutions) at any time…it is nothing more than the setting of an intention which is hopefully followed by related action.  But, it still is a time to naturally focus on changes….the new year and all of that. So, I am taking this opportunity to “reinvent myself”.  What do I mean by that? To me, such a “reinvention” carries with it broader changes than a few resolutions.  I can resolve to “lose weight”….but the change to see myself as someone...

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A Year of Change….a Year of Love

As I write these words, 2017 is coming to a close.  There is always something about the end of a year that calls me to reflect back upon my experience of the past 12 months.  This year it is especially true.  Please bear with me (and stay with me) as I get a bit personal….maybe my introspection here will call you to something similar? Those who received Christmas cards from Mary and I this year got a little extra note….we had always resisted including one of those lengthy letters outlining our family’s past year’s comings and goings, but this...

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Dream a Higher Vision for Health Care

This week, Bernie Sanders and a number of other senators introduced a “Medicare for All” bill.  It made somewhat of a media splash when it was introduced….yet most of the articles I read included some commentary that there was little chance that the bill would make much progress through a Republican controlled Congress. [NOTE:  For a quick review of the bill, here is a nice summary from NPR.] To that last point, I would say “so what?”…after all you have to start a higher vision somewhere…should we not hold a higher dream for our country simply because it currently...

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The Deep Power of Grief

Yes, I’m still here. Yes, it’s been over 3 months since I have written an article here….the longest span between blogs since the website was created in January 2010. Why did I this take time off? What have I been doing? It all has to do with grief. I know that grief is not a subject that we like to read about….in fact, we like to avoid grief and those who are grieving as it often makes us uncomfortable. However, I ask you to bear with me for a few minutes as I discuss my experience….an experience that I...

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Our Desire for Meaning

Have you ever wondered about why you are here?  The meaning of life?  Why everything exists?  Where your consciousness comes from?  Is there a purpose to your life and how you fit in with this universe? I bet you have.  Most of us have thought about these questions at one time or another. Rituals.  Magic. Religion. Prayer. Philosophy. Science. Mind expanding drugs. Self-help books. Spiritual practices. Meditation. Just sitting and wondering. Discussing life with others–around the cave, the campfire, the church, the university campus, the coffee shop. These are just a few of the many ways that we all...

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