Author: Mark Gilbert

Our Desire for Meaning

Have you ever wondered about why you are here?  The meaning of life?  Why everything exists?  Where your consciousness comes from?  Is there a purpose to your life and how you fit in with this universe? I bet you have.  Most of us have thought about these questions at one time or another. Rituals.  Magic. Religion. Prayer. Philosophy. Science. Mind expanding drugs. Self-help books. Spiritual practices. Meditation. Just sitting and wondering. Discussing life with others–around the cave, the campfire, the church, the university campus, the coffee shop. These are just a few of the many ways that we all...

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Hear “Tax Relief”? Reply “Tax Justice”!

The NY Times reported yesterday that due to all the troubles brewing with the Trump White House…..Russians impacting the election, the Flynn matter still in play, the Comey firing, giving confidential information to the Russians, the memo written by Comey detailing Trump’s request to stop the Flynn investigation, etc (see note at bottom)….Republicans are seeing their hopes for “tax reform” fading away this year. This might be a good thing for us. Yet some Republicans are still holding out hope that they can pass some kind of “tax cuts” this year.  However, as the Times article states, “Analysts on Wall...

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Republicans Need to Fire Trump

Which is more important….having your political party in power so that you can force through your ideological agenda…..or maintaining the integrity of our American political system and way of life? So far, most Republicans….not all, but most….are so drunk on the potential of moving through a conservative agenda (or what passes for one these days) into law that they first held their noses and supported Trump during the campaign (in spite of his mean spirited campaign rallies, his Access Hollywood tape, and more) and are now looking the other way on offenses so egregious that it threatens to turn...

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It’s Time for Single Payer Health Care System

Progressives:  It’s time to push for what is reasonable and right. Now is the time to push for a single payer health care system. This is a call to action.  Text for you to edit and use is given below. Only “Repeal and Replace” if Improving for Americans! The Republican American Health Care Act is misguided. It serves to cut taxes for the wealthy and cut health care for those who can least afford it.  This side by side comparison with Obamacare shows its failure to make things better for Americans.  It cuts care and puts millions off of insurance. Trump...

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The Seventh Wave of the Moon?

What the heck is the “seventh wave of the moon”? That was the question I pondered after my wife and I made a trip to one of our spiritual teachers a couple of years ago.  This individual is a well known channeler and in our sessions, you got a few minutes as part of a larger group to ask personal questions. In response to a question about my writing and topics to consider for my next book, he suggested that I investigate this topic and do “deep research”.  The suggestion puzzled me, but I went with it. Research Rabbit...

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