Author: Mark Gilbert

I Just Can’t Save the World

OK, see if you relate to any of this…. For most of my adult life, I have held a deep sense of personal responsibility for the things that are going on around me.  I didn’t always feel that way.  I was pretty self centered and carefree as a child and teenager. Although I can’t point at an exact moment when this sense of responsibility arose, I can generally pin its origin around the time I first married, my wife became pregnant and our oldest child was born.  Mentally I moved from carefree child to responsible adult. All of a...

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Why is Winning More Important than Our Country?

It used to be that no matter our political differences, our country came first.  Not so for many Americans these days. Partisanship has become so rampant and our polarization so dividing us that many Americans put “their group and their position” above the success and survival of our country.  So many act in a way that seems to place winning above country. Sad. Trump Supporters Living in Denial Look no further for evidence of this issue than the fact that hard core Trump supporters will not abandon their “leader” even as evidence continues to come out that points towards Trump...

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10 Steps to Ending Hate

Recently we explored the topic of why there appears to be so much hatred by some humans towards other humans in the world… We ended that exploration by posing the question “So how do we let go of our hate?” I would like to offer today some brief and simple….but not necessarily easy…..steps to how we can release the hatred in the world: Recognize that it is not about the other person (or people) and their feelings, we cannot control them.  So begin by releasing any attachment to changing others. Recognize that no matter how loving and non-judgemental we...

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So, What’s Really Important?

Man, we can get wrapped up in everything we want “to do” in the world!  And we can sure give the world “out there” a lot of our attention and energy! Now, not that there is anything wrong with trying to make a positive impact with our career, our calling, our actions…..but one thing we should never forget is what is most important….and that one thing is to experience joy during this life. Now, our actions in the world can certainly bring us joy…..I know that mine do……but when I think about the things that bring me the most...

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Choosing Competition or Cooperation?

So which is better?  Competition or cooperation? Here’s a BIG reminder — whenever you get a “forced choice” question, stop and challenge any implied assumptions of the question. I’ve made this point before (and here is a good article on the topic), but it is important enough that it bears repeating — when given an “either-or” choice, stop and consider if there is a “both” response or an “and” response that is more appropriate.  Here is a critical point from the linked article: “as we meet basic needs and free ourselves to evolve to higher ways of seeing and...

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