Author: Mark Gilbert

Letting Go of Hate

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about humanity’s future? Long Term Optimism, Short Term Concern I am an optimistic person overall and when I look out into the future, I tend to see that things will ultimately work out for our species and our planet.  However, like many optimists, I have concerns about certain short term negative experiences that we will have to go through to get to that better future. One of the major things that concerns me in the short run is the number of people who are carrying around so much hatred in their hearts for so...

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Media: Protecting Our Freedom and Manufacturing Our Consent?

Today, I want us all to think about the media, the press….and especially their role in both protecting us and harming us at the same time.  And then….consider our role in being an informed citizen and protecting our rights and ourselves. Much has been stated lately about the freedom of the press and their important role in being an effective watch dog over our democratic government.  After all, the press is reportedly the only non-governmental institution that is mentioned in our Constitution (as part of First Amendment).  Yet, on the other hand, Trump has labeled them the “enemy of...

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Healthcare: Human Right or Marketplace Choice?

Put aside your political partisan loyalty for a moment and ask yourself this question:  is access to quality, affordable healthcare a human right or is such access subject to the choices you can make with the money you have in the “healthcare marketplace”? Trumpcare? Ryancare? Nocare? Lots of stuff in the news lately about Obamacare and Trumpcare…..The Donald and the Republicans want to “make good” on their campaign promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Paul Ryan rolled out the Republican “replacement” plan….it has earned dislike from stanch conservatives and progressives alike, although for different reasons.  They...

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Favoring the Market Over Businesses

Last time, we considered the issue of social ownership vs private ownership of the means of production and that truly working towards creating a world that works for all is tied to finding the right dynamic balance between those two types of ownership.  We also suggested that our country was “out of balance” towards too much power in the hands of private ownership such that many people felt powerless and wanted to shake up the system and effectuate change. Yet, we asked, is the change that we are getting with the Trump administration helping get that right balance or...

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Social vs Private Ownership – the Dynamic Balance

Sometimes people mistake my desire to create a world that works for all people as favoring socialism over capitalism. Of course, that’s not true. Nor is that even a fair “either-or” consideration of the real world. It is false thinking to believe that one can live in a country with either “pure” socialism or “pure” capitalism and have it work completely for the benefit of the entire society. A Dynamic Balance Most healthy and productive countries find an effective dynamic balance between the collective ownership of certain social goods and the private ownership of others.  This is what I favor...

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